Networking, Discovering, and Learning


VectorRock recently had 3 representatives at the 10th annual Michigan Defense Exposition! This year we decided to be “industry” rather than “vendors” so we could focus on learning. Walking the floor and seeing over 100 vendors with a passion for United States defense was awe-inspiring and very impressive, thank you to all who came! We also had the opportunity to meet with old friends, like General Richard Miller (center picture below) and make new connections. Discovering new opportunities is key and trade shows are perfect for that!

VectorRock is looking forward to new opportunities in protecting our soldiers through fortifying technology, ground vehicle systems, and communication devices for stronger, more secure use. For those who didn’t get to meet with us or want to discuss more about how cyber security is protecting our US troops we would love to hear from you! ([email protected])

Here are our favorite photos brought back from our on-site team! Leave your comments and tell us what you think!

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