What is a Cybersecurity Program?

A cybersecurity program is the framework that brings all the security measures you want to, or already have, put into place come together. Much like the bread in a peanut butter and jelly sandwich keeps everything together and prevents you from making a mess everywhere while eating. Sure, it can be a bit messy and time consuming putting it all together, but in the end it will save you a lot of time and effort managing what’s going on.

We help you with your cybersecurity program by providing:

Development and Analysis

Remediation Support

Temporary Staff

Cybersecurity Program Development and Analysis

A strong foundation always begins with a solid plan

Quality Results
  • Obtain additional funding with a solid business case
  • Improve your existing security program
  • Gain enforceable policies that make sense
  • Understand existing gaps in security controls
  • Gain support for implementation of a cybersecurity framework
  • Understand where your team needs to grow their security skills
  • Obtain a long-term security growth plan that aligns with your vision
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Because of how intangible the causes and effects of cybersecurity can be it leaves many organization leaders feeling completely lost and unaware. This is why it is so important to bring in the right people to help demystify the cyber risks to your organization and build a path forward. Sadly, many organizations fall into the trap of believing that their IT staff can fill this critical role, and this leaves them in a deadly position. We at VectorRock know how to navigate these uncertain waters to help you provide top-down leadership, guidance, and direction to eliminate any wasteful, directionless, and ineffective security practices and spending.

Remediation Support

Gain access to a wealth of knowledge and information

Proven Transformation
  • Rapid response to secure your systems
  • Remove your risks, threats, and vulnerabilities
  • Gain true long-term safety instead of temporary band-aid fixes
  • Authentic transparency and perspective with proposed solutions to problems

Do you feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume and/or complexity of cyber vulnerabilities and risks that you need to fix?  We have got you covered, guaranteed!  With VectorRock, you do not need to worry about understanding the intricacies of how to resolve these problems because we translate and fix them for you. And as a result of our teams’ expert knowledge of corporate and government systems, we can help you keep your systems up and running smoothly with minimal to zero service downtime.

Temporary Cybersecurity Staff

Help when you need it

Unsurpassed Reward
  • Save time fixing problems
  • Solve your problems with elite security professionals
  • Minimize your staffing overhead
  • Eliminate waste in security spending
  • Cybersecurity help when YOU need it

Limited hiring budget?  Can’t find the right people?  We have got you covered!  Whether your needs are short-term or long-term, VectorRock will support your organizations team with our elite, world class, security professionals to help you succeed.  Our technical and leadership personnel will be there for you whenever, and however, you need to keep you safe from cyber threats.