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From the war room to the board room.

You get a dreaded call from work in the middle of the night.  Something’s wrong; someone thinks the office network was hacked and thousands of records were stolen or are now unrecoverable.  Do you know what to do next? Does your staff know what to do?Avoid getting caught in this situation with VectorRock’s solutions. The services we provide are crucial components of any healthy security strategy that we create especially for you and help incorporate into your organization’s culture.

  • Security Program Development and Analysis
    A strong foundation always begins with a solid plan. By reviewing your existing plan, or developing a new one, you will be better prepared to handle the ceaseless risks threatening your organization. VectorRock’s tailored game plan gives you the upper hand in an emergency before it begins. Our strategists meet with your leadership to provide risk management, cost-saving solutions, and efficiency recommendations to proactively manage threats. With our guidance, your organization will be able to communicate smoothly during a disaster while maintaining a strong reputation, fast recovery times, and increased cost savings: all within regulatory compliance standards. Through policy development, VectorRock advances rapid response, corporate/asset/employee protection, and incident or breach containment.

  • Incident Response
    Within the first 72 hours after any security breach is the most critical window to minimize damage. What makes matters exponentially worse is having a breach that is greater than you and your team can handle. Is an attacker already in your network without you realizing? Having a team ready that you can call on for support during this time can make all the difference.

  • Security Review and Testing
    When was the last time you read about a company being hacked, losing money, or having lawsuits filed against them due to a breach? Have you thought to yourself, “could we be next?” Cybersecurity can be a difficult area to navigate for even the most seasoned professionals. Let VectorRock help to put those worries behind you. VectorRock’s services will proactively protect your business systems, network infrastructure, assets, and intellectual property.

  • Network Monitoring
    The latest threats keep coming at your network without pause, looking for a way in.  Perhaps you don’t even realize. Whether you need basic weekly status reporting or real-time 24/7 deep traffic analysis, we’ve got you covered.  Don’t be “that company” who had criminals in their organization for over six months without even realizing.

  • Vulnerability Assessments
    Much like how the flow of a river is constantly changing, so is your network.  What was deemed impassable months ago could represent a pending disastrous flood today. Continuously assessing software and systems to patch cracks can mean the difference between life and death for your organization. VectorRock will provide you with the tools and strategies necessary to keep you and your team from drowning in risk.

  • Penetration Tests
    A penetration test is like a fire drill; testing beforehand can save lives when it really matters. Are your network and IT team ready to handle a real cyber-attack? Penetration testing is not just about breaking into a network, it is also about the ability of your organization to detect and respond to suspicious activity once an attacker is already in.

  • Subcontracting
    Are your cybersecurity teams overwhelmed during this period of extreme staff shortage? Contact us, we are ready to help ease your burden to ensure the best business outcome.

  • Reverse Engineering
    Do you have a revolutionary new device? Have you ever considered what could happen if someone were able to hack it? For your and your investor’s peace of mind, we will investigate your creation for weaknesses which could be exploited to not only damage reputation and credibility, but also possibly harm anything and everything it has ever come in contact with.

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