About Us

We believe in protecting people from being taken advantage of and empowering the cybersecurity community with creativity, hope, and vision. The way we protect and empower people is by providing services that are transparent, expert-driven, and scalable. Because of this, our world-class cybersecurity services allow clients to take command of their safety.

Our international headquarters is based in Ann Arbor, MI.

warrior looking with shield


Our desire to protect people runs deep. It is a part of who we are, not just an action but a way of life. A warrior eats, sleeps, and breathes to protect. Their life exists to protect, nothing means more to them than this. We embody this same drive to protect others from being taken advantage of.

This world is in a battle never seen before in all of history. The attacks come unseen. The risks are hidden to the average person. Unfortunately, there is also a vast lack of skilled individuals available to discern the cybersecurity battlefield and defend organizations victoriously. We are tired of seeing people being taken advantage of. Being lied to. Tricked. Deceived. Being lulled into a sense of safety that is only an illusion. Our purpose is to bring true safety, love, and freedom.


We are lost without hope and vision.

Sadly many cultures do not recognize the power of nurturing the creative potential in people. By it new ideas are born and landscapes are changed forever. However, VectorRock embodies these ideals in our culture both internally and externally. When VectorRock was first founded we were surprised how often our security expertise was also applied to other areas for our clients that we had not anticipated. Our eyes were opened to the reality that not only were we helping people protect themselves, but we were providing them with valuable information on what to learn next and goals for the future. This became the de facto standard for us moving forward, providing not just a technical answer but presenting a path of hope, creativity, and vision for those we meet.

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nathan dragun

Meet the Founder

Our founder, Nathan Dragun, is a veteran in the cybersecurity space. To say his whole life has been dedicated to defending and protecting people would not be an exaggeration. For over two decades Nathan has trained and supported military, governments, and companies on four different continents in the area of cybersecurity and co-founded a non-profit organization dedicated to the education of people who desire to enter, or grow in, the cybersecurity field.

Social & Community Impact

Our team regularly supports the cybersecurity community, surrounding businesses, and educational institutions by presenting talks on valued areas of knowledge. Chances are you’ve run across us at conventions or conferences without even realizing it! Additionally, we volunteer our time to participate in cyber exercises and lecture to train our military forces. We have a long tradition of building trust and relationships within our community.