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Founded in Ann Arbor, Michigan in 2016, VectorRock Inc. proudly serves the local, national, and global community, delivering project results across all industries ranging in size from the United States Department of Defense to partnerships with small physical security firms. VectorRock increases each organization’s overall understanding of risks in order to provide better protection.

As a small firm, VectorRock has the ability to perform intimate solutions quickly and efficiently while still participating in events to showcase skills. VectorRock attends multi-national events such as IDEX, Cyber Range/Shield, and MDEX to showcase skills, expand industry knowledge, and provide training to military personnel.

VectorRock provides top security talent in an industry where it’s hard to find good people. We’re mobile, agile, and adaptive to individual client needs. As a result, we listen and provide solutions to your needs, instead of trying to sell you something you don’t need. Our approach is holistic as we view the complete picture and take into account how everything affects each other. We provide full-stack security solutions so you don’t have to worry about finding other people to complete the job.


Founded in 2016 by Nathan Dragun, the inventor, and co-founder of Michigan Cyber Range. VectorRock’s mission is to train organizations in protecting themselves from cyber attackers.


Nathan Dragun


For more than twenty-five years, Nathan Dragun has led solutions to complex issues in the areas of cybersecurity, computer networking, software development, and architectural design for various industries. Services have been provided to clients ranging in size from small medical practices and Fortune 100 organizations to State Governments and the US Department of Defense.

Nathan presents at multiple cybersecurity conferences, lectures nationally, and provides supporting documentation for training cybersecurity specialists. These forums have put Nathan in the position to interface with corporate executives, foreign ambassadors, generals, state/federal senators and congressmen on cybersecurity issues.

At VectorRock, Nathan leads his team in navigating the ever-changing cybersecurity landscape in order to provide clients with the most relevant security solutions. As the co-founder of the Michigan Cyber Range, he designed and built Alphaville, a virtual environment used for offensive and defensive security training. It is currently being used by foreign and domestic military organizations, local governments, education, and private sector businesses.


Darrin Russell

Global Business Development Manager

Darris is a business development professional with national accounts, including Fortune 500 companies to highly successful private businesses.  With over 25 years of experience in international product sales, and applying strong expertise, data-driven, long term strategic planning, Darrin will become a welcome addition to the company, forging valued and strategic cybersecurity partnerships throughout the world.

Prior to VectorRock, Darrin was a Sr. National Sales Manager for Atlas Oil, where he led sales and business development efforts with national accounts, including Wal-Mart, Dean Foods, Coca-Cola, Waste Management, UPS and many more.  He managed a diverse sales portfolio including sales of fuel, fuel technologies, strategic partnerships and even fixed pricing contracts.  In 2018, he contracted the largest and most profitable mobile fueling project in Atlas Oil history with one of the most prominent grocery chains in the U.S.
Previous to this, he held positions as Director of Sales & Marketing with Aspen Marketing Services, National Account Manager with Coca-Cola and various positions from entry-level to executive at Pepsi-Cola.

Elizabeth Strong

Executive Administrative Assistant

A student at Eastern Michigan University studying psychology and business while gaining useful knowledge in the workplace. Elizabeth is chief of the organization, task assignment, and lead generation.