From the war room

To the board room


  • Strategic Security Council:You get that dreaded call from work in the middle of the night.  Something’s wrong, someone thinks the office network was hacked, and thousands of records were stolen, or are now unrecoverable.  Do you know what to do next? Does your staff know what to do?

    Don’t let yourself get stuck in this situation.  With VectorRock you won’t have to worry about what to do next.  Creating a plan of action (POA&M), a crucial component of any healthy security strategy is only one of many important cybersecurity components that we create especially for you and help incorporate into your organization’s culture.

    VectorRock’s tailored organization gameplans help you get the upper hand in an emergency before it’s even begun. Our strategists meet with your leadership to provide risk management, cost saving solutions, and efficiency recommendations to proactively manage rapidly emerging threats. With our guidance, your organization will be able to communicate smoothly during a disaster while maintaining a positive reputational image, faster recovery times, and greater cost savings; all within regulatory compliance standards.

    Through policy development, VectorRock advances rapid response, corporate/asset/employee protection, and incident/breach containment.

  • Security Review and Testing:

    When was the last time you read about a company being hacked, losing money, or having lawsuits filed against them due to a breach? Have you thought to yourself, “could we be next?” Cybersecurity can be a difficult area to navigate for even the most seasoned professionals, let VectorRock help to put those worries behind you. VectorRock’s services will proactively protect your business systems, network infrastructure, assets, and intellectual property!

    • What types of security review and testing do we offer for your protection?


      Network Monitoring: The latest threats keep coming at your network without pause, looking for a way in.  Perhaps you never even realized this. Whether you need basic weekly status reporting or real-time 24/7 deep traffic analysis we’ve got you covered.  Don’t be “that company” who had criminals in their organization for over six months and never even realized it.

      Vulnerability Assessments: Much like the flow of a river or the peak of a mountain is constantly changing, so is your network.  What was deemed impassable so months ago, could represent a pending disastrous flood today. Continuously assessing software and systems to patch cracks can mean the difference between life and death for your organization. VectorRock will provide you with the tools and strategies necessary to keep you and your team from drowning in risk!

      Penetration Tests: The best-laid plans can fall to pieces in a heartbeat.  How often do we work out a whole plan, pouring countless hours and resources into your solution, yet have no measure for success except for your faith in what was created?  What if there were a way to validate your confidence in how secure your organization is? Would feeling more confident with how secure your organization is, be of value to you?   A structured, simulated, real-world cyber attack on a company to discover and assess potential threats, ensure regulation compliance, and understand organizational readiness can be exactly what you need. VectorRock’s Penetration Testing provides your business a fresh perspective on where it stands now, and how to advance executive support, optimize response to threats, and fine-tune security measures.


  • Reverse Engineering:

    Have you developed the next greatest app or invented a revolutionary technology that will change the world?  How disastrous would it be to you if someone found a way to compromise your creation? Would you lose investors or public confidence?  Could someone else make a ‘clone’ of your idea and beat you to market? Find peace of mind and build confidence by working with VectorRock to help protect your creation from those who would come against you. Reverse engineering occurs when a product or system is hacked, or used in a way other than its original intention, allowing for further technology breach. Dangers involved with this ability include:
    Discovery of specific manufacturing techniques
    Possibility for further system breaches and intellectual property theft



Eliminate Security Flaws in your System

Secure your organization’s information, and prevent unauthorized access by taking advantage of our unique customized services. While we mainly cater to private investment groups, we are open to being of assistance to other clients and we offer free consultations!