From the war room

To the board room


  • Strategic Security CouncilCreating a tailored organization game plan to be taken in an emergency. Strategists meet with top executives to determine how quickly threats are detected and how efficiently they are managed. We prepare your organization to communicate efficiently and smoothly during a disaster. Counseling sessions would include recommendations on:
    • Employee cybersecurity training programs on safety practices
    • Dynamic and comprehensive strategies in order to respond to dangerous threats
    • Tabletop Exercises that simulate actions to be taken by specific people in an emergency situation.


  • Security Review and TestingInspecting current business systems and network infrastructure to proactively protect business assets and intellectual property.  Security reviews and testing includes
    • Since it is very difficult to find strong cybersecurity talent in the world today, VectorRock works with organizations, state and federal governments and multinational organizations to handle challenges they cannot handle on their own.


  • Reverse Engineering: Hacking a product or system to use in a way other than in its original intention allowing for further technology breach. Dangers involved with this ability include:
    • Discovery of specific manufacturing techniques
    • Possibility for further system breaches and intellectual property theft



Eliminate Security Flaws in your System

Secure your organization’s information, and prevent unauthorized access by taking advantage of our unique customized services. While we mainly cater to private investment groups, we are open to being of assistance to other clients and we offer free consultations!