What is Cybersecurity Testing?

Cybersecurity testing is a component of any good cybersecurity program that focuses on verifying how well pieces of the program are working. Independently, it can be used to make sure that a particular piece of security software is functioning correctly or to test that a system is secured down correctly. As a whole, it can be used to make sure that many security components are working well together and to verify that no gaps in protection exist.

One example of an individual test would be running a vulnerability assessment against a computer system to make sure it is being patched and secured correctly on a regular basis. Alternatively, a penetration test is commonly performed to test that the cybersecurity program as a whole is performing well and to identify areas of improvement.

We help you with cybersecurity testing by providing:

Vulnerability Assessments

Application Testing

Penetration Testing

Vulnerability Assessment

Evaluate where you stand

Essential and Proven Protection
  • Protect yourself from being exploited
  • Save money from costly ransomware fees and restoration
  • Gain your client’s confidence and trust
  • Validate effectiveness of your current security measures
  • Gain rapid detection of your system vulnerabilities
  • Reinforce your need to upgrade or remove systems
  • Justify your need for additional money and personnel
  • Uncover your hidden and unknown technical risks
  • Justify your implementation of security countermeasures
  • Educate your staff
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If you’re looking to protect yourself a vulnerability assessment is a great place to start! It is one of the quickest ways to strengthen your defenses.

It literally takes seconds for a hacker to break into your system! It takes more time to find a system that’s vulnerable than it does to take over the system once it’s found. That is a headache you don’t need!

The technical process to perform a vulnerability assessment is incredibly complex and you might be surprised to learn how rare it is to find IT professionals who understand how to patch and secure your systems. Therefore, you want us; we take care of all the burden and overhead for you. We not only find the issues but help you to prioritize a triage list of what to fix, help you understand the implications of the vulnerabilities, connect the dots to show you how several seemingly small issues can be catastrophic, and lastly (and probably most importantly) we translate the findings into “business language” for you so that your leadership can understand how these issues effect the future of the organization.