Penetration Testing Services for Businesses

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For your cybersecurity concerns, trust VectorRock. We offer penetration testing using simulated real-world cyber-attacks on your systems to detect potential issues. By trusting VectorRock, you will:

  • Get meaningful data and reports on your internal and external networks, wireless network, web and mobile app software, and how your employees react to attacks.
  • Get access to our unique penetration testing strategy that provides higher-quality targeted results.
  • Be protected from potential disaster by knowing the risks that need to be fixed.
  • Be compliant, or make it easier for you to be compliant, with HIPAA, PCI-DSS, SOC 2, and other standards and regulations.
  • Have your risks prioritized so you know which potential dangers need to be addressed first.

Please, don’t hesitate to call us at (888) 822-5212 or fill out our quick contact form if you have any questions or wish to learn more about how our penetration testing can help you.

Having your networks and devices attacked by hackers sounds like a bad thing, and that’s because it is, most of the time at least. But the best way to help your network infrastructure is to actually allow this to happen in a controlled environment. Device and network penetration testing involves using “ethical hackers” to attempt to exploit your cybersecurity defenses to discover what needs to be fixed.

Here at VectorRock, we use this form of information security assessment to gain valuable insights into your infrastructure and use that to improve your cybersecurity. But we don’t just offer the same penetration test as all of the other cybersecurity companies. Our unique penetration testing methods provide you with more accurate information as to how well your security control measures are working.

laptop office desk macbook blank You can’t just have anyone handle your penetration test. IT professionals may be experts in maintaining computer systems, but they traditionally are not experts in hacking. That’s why we have ethical hackers on our staff. They know how a nefarious hacker would think about attacking your company and can pursue the penetration test in a way that makes the simulation of an attack true to life.

Benefits of Penetration Testing

With a concept like attacking your own network, it can be difficult to wrap your mind around exactly how this could be a benefit for your business. To help both you and your company, our penetration testing will:

  1. Give you valuable data on your internal and external networks, wireless network, mobile and web application software, and even how your employees behave regarding security. This will keep your financials, customer data, trade secrets, and other sensitive information secret.
  2. Protect yourself from disaster. Penetration testing involves real-life attacks in a controlled setting. These attacks will protect you from potential nefarious hackers.
  3. Provide you with more accurate results using refined testing methods.
  4. Help you stay compliant with standards and regulations such as HIPAA, PCI-DSS, and SOC 2.
  5. Prioritize your risks. It takes time to fix everything. Our security experts understand which threats to security are more dangerous and need to be looked at first.

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Your company needs protection. It’s not just your internal data that is at risk, but your reputation and clientele’s data as well. Keep your systems and networks safe and give yourself peace of mind by trusting VectorRock to handle your penetration testing.

Types of Penetration Testing

Threats come from every corner. You have to maintain many forms of high-quality security in order to keep your business safe. To keep up with all of this security, and make sure you’re protected from every angle, we provide a wide variety of different penetration testing services. Some of these that we can provide include:

  1. Network Security Testing – Internal: This type of penetration testing involves penetration testers that have internal access to your systems. This will allow you to see how a potential attacker with this type of access would be able to move across your internal network, obtain data, disclose data, or make alterations to confidential information.
  2. Network Security Testing – External: For external penetration tests, we attack your systems from a remote location. This will test to see if there are any gaps in your public-facing networks that attackers could use to get inside your network or into your sensitive information.
  3. Wireless Penetration Testing: Your clientele trusts you to keep their information safe. That trust was broken for T.J. Maxx when hackers stole over 45 million customer records by breaking into their wireless connection. We test your wifi’s security so that this won’t happen to you.
  4. Mobile and Web Application Penetration Testing: We use these tests to take a close look at the security of your mobile and web application software code. Many apps hold sensitive data, which is why it’s important to strengthen mobile application and web application security.
  5. Social Engineering Penetration Testing: The weakest link in any security system is always the human. This test will show you your employees’ adherence, or lack thereof, to company standards and in turn, helps you keep up with industry best practices. We use public information along with phishing and vishing attacks to see if those could be leveraged into a compromise.

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VectorRock’s goal is to keep your company safe. Our security experts are dedicated to providing you with thorough automatic and manual testing to provide real-world attacks that stress your security controls to show what needs to be fixed or bolstered. If there is an aspect to your security that you would like us to test that you don’t see on this list, just let us know and we’ll work with you to build a solution.

Why Trust Us?

When considering letting a third-party company launch an attack against your systems, it can be tough to give that level of trust to a business that you don’t know. So, why choose us over other cybersecurity companies offering penetration testing?

  • We have been providing professional-quality cybersecurity services since our start in 2016.
  • Our founder, Nathan Dragun, runs cyber exercises and gives lectures to train members of the United States Military.
  • We have a dedication to open communication. When it comes to your cybersecurity, it wouldn’t be fair to leave you in the dark. Our team is trained to give clear, informative answers for all of your questions.

VectorRock is the cybersecurity company that you can trust. Don’t spend more time worrying about your system defenses. Go with VectorRock to prevent disaster, stay compliant, and give yourself peace-of-mind.

Go With VectorRock for True Cybersecurity

VectorRock has been trusted since 2016 to handle penetration testing and other cybersecurity services for a wide range of companies. Whether you’re concerned about building your security or are looking to test out your existing systems, we have the tools and know-how to keep your networks safe.

If you have any questions or wish to learn more, give us a call at (888) 822-5212 or fill out our quick contact form.