Why You Should Pentest


Picture This

It is the 15th century and you are tasked with securing an imposing fortress before an advancing army decides to make your city their new home.  Someone already built it so you don’t have the luxury of knowing all its ins and outs that have popped up over time. You’ll need to uncover all possible pathways of entry before the enemy does. A wise start would include surveying the castle from outside, and then from within, to make sure you do not miss any small detail that could make a difference in a siege.

Today, luckily, most of us do not have to worry about our business walls being physically stormed down by knights in shining armor with swords.  Instead, stands a much more dangerous and silent threat calling for maximum security from outside and inside; it’s triumphant defeat through effective cyber protection and defense.


So What is a Pentest?

A penetration test is a structured, simulated real-world cyber attack targeted at an organization to discover and leverage potential risks, ensure regulation compliance, and reveal organizational readiness in order to give a picture of what would happen in your organization in the event of a real attack today. By attacking the networks and systems of your organization, it will help to uncover the real risk to potential loss of sensitive information, financial resources, or public reputation.


Why do it?

Conducting routine penetration tests gives your organization a fresh perspective on how to advance executive support, optimize response to threats, and fine-tune security measures. VectorRock discovers, collects, and translates this data for your organization providing a clear report of the effectiveness and weaknesses of existing security measures.  With this insight and vision, your organization will have a clear path to becoming the impenetrable fortress of the 21st century.

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